The World of Runaway Children

Almost all of Mankind has runaway from their Fatherīs house. Their Father is loving
and kind, but Mankind was deceived into believing that there was something good out
there that their Father wouldnīt give to them. So Mankind packed up their things and
left their Fatherīs house to wander into the dangerous world.

Mankind looked for the Deceiver who had promised them good things. When they
found him they learned that the Deceiver did not supply the good things - because they
were required to supply them. Through lessons in witchcraft Mankind learned how to
enslave and oppress each other and take the profit. So all Mankind was at war with
themselves. When they were the oppressor they were happy. When they were the
oppressed they were sad.

Only a few returned to their Fatherīs house because the Deceiver had told them that
their Father wasnīt able to feed, clothe or care for them. The Deceiver said that if they
returned they would be poor, miserable and unhappy.

The Father sent His first born Son to go help His children who were deceived into
an evil life. The Son preached to Mankind but most of Mankind wouldnīt listen to him.
Mankind was too busy trying to oppress each other. Even most of the oppressed of
Mankind wouldnīt listen because they hoped to escape their oppressors and become
an oppressor.

The Deceiver and the oppressors saw that some people were escaping their oppression
by following the Son back to their Fatherīs house and that made them angry. So they
arrested the Son, beat Him and killed Him.

But the Son had given to the oppressed a message of hope and they spread it to the
other oppressed people. They told the oppressed to forsake the evil world they were
in and return to their Fatherīs house. They also told them their Father was able to
supply all their needs because He is the owner of all the world. They told them the
Deceiver had nothing to give them and that he was a liar.

The Deceiver and the oppressors arrested the people who spread the message of
the Son. Some they put into prison. Some they killed. Some they forced to flee far away.

The Son was resurrected from the dead and returned to His Fatherīs house. The
Father gave Him power and made Him King of Kings. The Father told the Son to let
Mankind oppress each other until all of His children who will eventually return home
do so. The Father said that then the Son must exile the wicked children who hate
their Father and love to do evil in His world because they were so deeply corrupted by
the Deceiver that they could never be allowed to come home again.

Many, many years passed because the Father and the Son were still receiving children
returning home to their Father - many more than left in the first place because they
had been born away from the Fatherīs house and had greatly multiplied. These children
loved their Father greatly because He rescued them from such an evil life.

Then the Day came when the Father told the Son that Mankind was becoming too
evil to allow them to continue oppressing each other anymore. So the Son and His army
went to the place Mankind had moved to and burned it with fire. The Son resurrected
the dead and brought the remaining people who loved their Father to His house. The
others and the Deceiver He exiled to a miserable land which was very, very hot.

Some people asked why didnīt the Father stop the Deceiver from harming His
children in the first place. The Father said He used the Deceiver to cure His runaway
children who eventually returned home.  The Father also said that all of the wickedness
of these children was removed by the Son and placed on the evil children who hated
their Father. So now the children who returned home loved their Father much more
than before and never wanted to run away again.

LORD, thou hast heard the desire of the humble: thou wilt prepare their heart, thou wilt cause
thine ear to hear: To judge the fatherless and the oppressed, that the man of the earth may no
more oppress. (Psalms 10:17-18)