The Book of Sirach 25:16 - 26:27

  25:16 I had rather dwell with a lion and a dragon, than to keep house with a wicked
      woman. 17 The wickedness of a woman changeth her face, and darkeneth her
      countenance like sackcloth. 18 Her husband shall sit among his neighbours; and
      when he  heareth it shall sigh bitterly. 19 All wickedness is but little to the
      wickedness of a woman: let the portion of a sinner fall upon her.
      20 As the climbing up a sandy way is to the feet of the aged, so is a wife
      full of words to a quiet man. 21 Stumble not at the beauty of a woman, and
      desire her not for pleasure. 22 A woman, if she maintain her husband, is
      full of anger, impudence, and much reproach. 23 A wicked woman abateth the
      courage, maketh an heavy countenance and a wounded heart: a woman that
      will not comfort her husband in distress maketh weak hands and feeble
      knees. 24 Of the woman came the beginning of sin, and through her we all
      die. 25 Give the water no passage; neither a wicked woman liberty to gad
      abroad. 26 If she go not as thou wouldest have her, cut her off from thy
      flesh, and give her a bill of divorce, and let her go.
      26:1 Blessed is the man that hath a virtuous wife, for the number of
      his days shall be double. 2 A virtuous woman rejoiceth her husband, and he
      shall fulfil the years of his life in peace. 3 A good wife is a good
      portion, which shall be given in the portion of them that fear the Lord. 4
      Whether a man be rich or poor, if he have a good heart toward the Lord, he
      shall at all times rejoice with a cheerful countenance. 5 There be
      three things that mine heart feareth; and for the fourth I was sore
      afraid: the slander of a city, the gathering together of an unruly
      multitude, and a false accusation: all these are worse than death. 6 But a
      grief of heart and sorrow is a woman that is jealous over another woman,
      and a scourge of the tongue which communicateth with all. 7 An evil wife
      is a yoke shaken to and fro: he that hath hold of her is as though he held
      a scorpion. 8 A drunken woman and a gadder abroad causeth great anger, and
      she will not cover her own shame. 9 The whoredom of a woman may be known
      in her haughty looks and eyelids. 10 If thy daughter be shameless, keep
      her in straitly, lest she abuse herself through overmuch liberty. 11 Watch
      over an impudent eye: and marvel not if she trespass against thee. 12 She
      will open her mouth, as a thirsty traveller when he hath found a fountain,
      and drink of every water near her: by every hedge will she sit down, and
      open her quiver against every arrow. 13 The grace of a wife delighteth
      her husband, and her discretion will fatten his bones. 14 A silent and
      loving woman is a gift of the Lord; and there is nothing so much worth as
      a mind well instructed. 15 A shamefaced and faithful woman is a double
      grace, and her continent mind cannot be valued. 16 As the sun when it
      ariseth in the high heaven; so is the beauty of a good wife in the
      ordering of her house. 17 As the clear light is upon the holy candlestick;
      so is the beauty of the face in ripe age. 18 As the golden pillars are
      upon the sockets of silver; so are the fair feet with a constant heart.
      19 My son, keep the flower of thine age sound; and give not thy
      strength to strangers. 20 When thou hast gotten a fruitful possession
      through all the field, sow it with thine own seed, trusting in the
      goodness of thy stock. 21 So thy race which thou leavest shall be
      magnified, having the confidence of their good descent. 22 An harlot shall
      be accounted as spittle; but a married woman is a tower against death to
      her husband. 23 A wicked woman is given as a portion to a wicked man: but
      a godly woman is given to him that feareth the Lord. 24 A dishonest woman
      contemneth shame: but an honest woman will reverence her husband. 25 A
      shameless woman shall be counted as a dog; but she that is shamefaced will
      fear the Lord. 26 A woman that honoureth her husband shall be judged wise
      of all; but she that dishonoureth him in her pride shall be counted
      ungodly of all. 27 A loud crying woman and a scold shall be sought out to
      drive away the enemies.

This extract shows the wisdom of a man who has seen the wickedness of women.
Though it was written over two thousand years ago this wisdom is still useful today,
apart from the advice to divorce a shameless woman.

Jesus calls all men to long suffering in the face of a shameless wife. There is to
be no divorce (forcing her to permanently leave) and certainly no surrender to
her demands.

If a follower of Christ is married to a woman who is now shameless, he is in for a trial
of his faith in the Gospel. If he perseveres he will be rewarded with great
understanding and appreciation of how much our Lord has endured out of love for
the people He came to save from their sins. Jesus endures ingratitude, shameless lies
and betrayal in hope that His children will grow up and become like Him.
Thank you, Jesus!