Risher Family: Destroyed by Feminism
The Risher family, like all famillies today, has been ravaged by the seduction of
Feminism. The family of Adam and Eve was the first to be ravaged by Feminism. The
seduction has been revived in these last days as the prophets warned. Feminism
existed long ago, for a long time it was not to be found on Earth, and then now, as
predicted, it has come again.

I never knew my grandparents well. When I was old enough to talk they
were already senile with the effects of old age. In their generation Feminism was just
getting established, so maybe they escaped the effects. However, they had to watch
the destruction of the families of their children.

My mother was a Feminist as long as I can remember. She continually fought with my
father for control and this destroyed my childhood home. We were plunged into a dark
life of poverty, shame and sadness. My mother's heart had been hardened by
Feminism so she seemed to cope very well. Maybe the beer, cigarettes and whatever
else she used helped, too.

My father was devastated. I was devastated.  My mother later had to have surgery to
have her uterus removed which I believe was divine punishment for denying her
husband. She is now a sick and lonely old woman living in an apartment in Seattle,
Washington. She has recently added to her sins by helping my wife to follow her own

My father was always a man that wanted to control his family, certainly not a Feminist.
He was married three times and was divorced by all three wives. I believe it to all be
because of Feminism, but I know little about his first two wives. In the 1990's he met a
new woman, Michelle Grosz. She is a Feminist and she has led him astray by using her
feminine charms. He now supports Feminism and did help to break up my marriage by
supporting my wife's rebellion. He and Michelle are the ones who first brought my wife
to a "women's shelter".

And Jehu the son of Hanani the seer went out to meet him, and said to king
Jehoshaphat, Shouldest thou help the ungodly, and love them that hate the LORD?
therefore is wrath upon thee from before the LORD. (2 Chronicles 19:2)

My wife has always been a Feminist, but a "closet" Feminist. She would not  admit it or
tell me before we moved to the USA. She tricked me with lies that she would be a good
wife, obey her husband and never divorce him. As soon as she arrived in San Francisco
she started acting like a Feminist. She argued constantly and tried to force me to fight
with her. After a while she would get tired and act normally again. After she was
recharged she would initiate new conflicts and file more lawsuits. This cycle continues
to this day. Feminism has made her impossible to live with in peace. She once actually
asked me to hit her so as to have a complaint against me! I refused.

She contacted Feminist lawyers at Texas Rio Grande Legal Aid to file for divorce in
September 2007. Maybe by January 2008 we will be legally divorced, but we are already
divorced in truth because she does not want to come home and I do not want to follow
after her.

The Risher family has been given over to suffering at the hands of Feminists.
Generations have been ruined. My father has many children from previous
relationships and they are all suffering from Feminism, too. Some were spiritually
ruined by submitting to the rule of women. Some were physically and financially
ruined by remaining faithful to the Word of God.  Everyone has suffered.  

Why? God brings hardships upon us to test us. If we remain faithful and do not rebel
against Him, then we will be given rewards. If we fall away and deny Him, we will be
cast away into the pit of fire because we are unworthy of Him.